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10 + 1 Things you may not know about me...

  1. We CANNOT play Monopoly together without someone storming off mad.
  2. We eat (almost) every meal at the kitchen table together. (unless we just played Monopoly:)
  3. My hubby does all the laundry. (I am really bragging here, and I don’t care that all our white sheets are a light shade of pink…I am not complaining:)
  4. I have the best kids in the world (I am sure your kids are pretty great too…this is not a competition)
  5. I love my work – which is less like a job and more like a gift.
  6. I need a 10 minute nap in the afternoon
  7. I have had my own business for over 18 years…but dreamed of being an entrepreneur since I was a kid.
  8. My husband is not only gorgeous, but he is also smart, funny, weird – and I love him for being the best darn dad to these four kids!
  9. If I could have 10 more kids, I would (my hubby has banned me from watching ‘The Fosters”)
  10. If I could change one thing about myself it would be to feel like I didn’t have to change one thing about myself…and for all parents out there to feel the same. #loveyourself

+ 1. I am a Clarity Coach! If you need help finding clarity in your life, in your relationships, in your parenting, in your business, or in any area of your life, contact me! I work with you to provide CLARITY so that you can reach your full potential! I am your best friend, biggest supporter, and I will push you further than you could ever imagine!


Our Story...

It wasn’t that long ago when I was starring down at my newborn baby – for six months straight. I now realize that it could have been postpartum depression, but at the time no one talked about that. No one talked about how hard it was emotionally and physically to have a baby. No one asked why I hadn’t left the house in 6 months, or why I just didn’t seem happy. Oh, did I ever hide it well though. I got really good at it and I don’t even think my hubby noticed.

At this time (20 years ago) I had such a hard time with everything from breastfeeding to wanting to look at myself in a mirror ever again. I decided to put all my energy into loving this baby and finding a way to stay home with this bundle of joy. I started doing some research into all the things that I had a tough time finding. Things like support, groups, organic foods, disposable diapers, child care and more…and before I knew it I had a LOT of resources that I knew could help other parents.

“I found my joy again by helping other parents so they didn’t have to go through what I went through.”

I contacted the local hospitals and asked if they would hand out a pamphlet of resources to other new parents – and they immediately agreed! When the first ‘pamphlet’ was complete it ended up to be a 100 page book!

But how was I going to pay for thousands of books to be printed? I looked to local businesses and organizations to support it and it didn’t take long for the first cheque to come in. I remember the exact moment I opened up the envelope and saw that someone wanted to pay me to do what brought me joy. By this time I had another baby and another reason to keep moving forward.

I continued to print annual editions (up until 2018) of the New Parent Resource Guide and eventually started the School Age Resource Guide when my oldest was ready to start school.

Our family story is probably similar to yours, with many ups and downs. Heartache, loss, separation and reunification, mental health, grief, pain, resentment, anxiety, depression…

“But this is not my full story – it is part of my journey, but not where I am today.”

Today, after making it through many storms, we realized we had a lot to give and we wanted to do this by helping another family. We became foster parents (and soon to be adoptive parents of twin teenage boys) and to our list of ups and downs, we added: joy, love, kindness, acceptance, forgiveness, strength, and so much laughter.

Our love for each other has lifted us up and pulled us through many storms…so many that we can relate to others who have gone through what we have gone through.

Connecting with parents about issues that really matter is what I love! My family is my WHY, and my strength comes from my readers, my supporters, my sisters, my extended family, my community, and most of all from the love and support of a great man, my hubby who is my biggest supporter and the brightest light in my life.

In 2018 we made a bold decision to move all our resources online. We created the ParentGuide Magazine and most recently the ParentTeens Magazine so that we can continue the conversation about parenting and talk about modern issues that matter to modern families.

A lot of what mattered 20 years ago still matters today, but we are more open and accepting of what used to be shushed in a crowd. Join us as we dive deep into topics that really matter in both of these quarterly online magazines.

In 2019 we launched a new website that supports parents of teens. If you have a teen, or know someone with a teen, send them to The Club at: https://parentteens.club/ This site is home to some of the best parenting coaches, counsellors, and experts in the world that support parents of teens. I am in love with this community as I get to watch these experts transform families daily! They are changing lives people! Check it out…so much goodness on this site! 

But most of all, don’t forget that taking care of yourself and your family will always come first. I wonder what would have happened 20 years ago if someone took my hand and told me they had been through the same thing and there is hope…because there is always HOPE!



Click here to go to our ParentGuide site (for parents of kids 0-12 years old)

Click here to go to our ParentTeens site (for parents of teens)


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