Adding Literacy Around the Playroom- Clothes Pegs

Another simple and easy literacy addition to our playroom was using god ol’fashioned cloths pegs.

I used a basic sharpie and clothes pegs. Nothing fancy here! I do have letters on both sides to allow for more word creations.

For under 2$ you get letters, fine motor, sequencing, matching, and whatever else your kids come up with! (My guys were also excited to find out what they can/ cannot clip them too. ie. can clip them the truck, airplane and sheep but not the block)
I have some easy words letter books I found at a thrift shop that they use to spell the words out.CIMG5718
I decided to store them in a plastic bowl so they can put them in the bowl or clip them on the edges. Another lesson we learned from this was balance. If the clothes pegs are on the edge of the bowl on one side the bowl tipped over. Problem solving was used by my older ones to figure out how to fix it!CIMG5719
The literacy learning is endless for about 2$

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