Adding Literacy Around the Playroom- Letter Stones

My little guy is beginning to recognize and name colours and I think it’s about time to pump up the literacy in our house!
Today’s project: Letter Rocks

Materials needed:
-Flat rocks (we collected ours at the beach. Small enough for little hands but big enough to not be eaten…
-Stamp set of the alphabet that will fit on the rock size you have chosen
-Ink- I used Stazon, pigment ink, and a basic stampin’ up ink. I found the pigment ink worked the best in the end but the others did work!
-Embossing Powder (can be found at Micheal’s. A little goes a very LONG way!)
-Embossing heat gun- I bought mine off of EBAY but they can be found at Micheal’s and other scrap-booking stores
-Oven pan and a trivet or towel to go under it to not wreck your table

(I have seen on pinterest many ways to do these. Some just using permanent marker, others painting them and glazing them and some with basic markers or ink and mog-pogged. The options are out there!)

First make sure your rocks are clean and dry. Avoid doing this with young curious children. (I inhaled way too much spilled powder…)
One at a time stamp on the letter and quickly apply the powder. The powder will not stick if the ink is dried. Dump off the excess powder and go on to the next one. You can use the embossing gun after each letter -but I opted to use if after a bunch.
Lay them in the pan with a towel or trivet under neath to ensure your table surface does not experience too much heat. Turn the heat embosser on and one at a time emboss the ink. You will notice it changing colours and becoming shiny.
The rocks will be hot- so will the pan. Let them cool. Do not touch them…
When they have cooled check to make sure all powder has been melted and set. If not redo them!

Let the literacy begin!

DSC_0002 DSC_0005

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