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How would you like to be a part of something that allows you reach parents with your message in a true and authentic way, and gives you an opportunity to be recognized for giving back to your community?

Working together to reach your audience!

Welcome!  My name is Jennifer McCallum and for 17 + years I have been connecting parents and professionals.  Business has changed considerably over these last 17 years, but one thing has stayed the same…my desire to fill a need and get people answers (and get you business!).

Introducing our Monthly Membership…

Think of our membership as your one-stop shop for connection, inspiration, and streamlined trainings to help you connect with your audience, increase awareness and build sales. It’s a place to keep you focused on and working towards your business goals (without needing to scour the whole internet for the next right step or spend thousands of dollars to hire someone to figure it out for you!).

PLUS…you can GIVE BACK!  Every fourth month your ENTIRE membership fee will be allocated to a local need.  Click here for a list of ideas of where these funds could be going.  And, just so you know exactly where your money is going, current members will be provided with a Annual Giving Progress Report including how much money has been raised and where your money is goingShare this with your team and be a part of this movement to take care of those close to us.

We work with parents in the community to identify families in need or a cause that is close to their heart.

Like Rachael and her three kids...their neighbour noticed the kids didn’t have warm winter coats, hats, and mitts…

Like Thomas and Karen….Karen lost her job and Thomas didn’t make enough to cover the mortgage AND food…they just needed a little help to get through until she got another job…

YOU have an opportunity right now to make a difference…

But, this is not all about feeling good…this is about you increasing sales and awareness, creating a network of like-minded business people around you, and learning new ideas and being inspired to keep moving forward.  I want you to gain from this membership…and my goal is to see you succeed!  Have a look at the member benefits below and sign up…this is one membership that will not only help you grow your business, it will make you feel great about all you do for parents in your community.

See you inside!


Parent Guide Community Membership

Member Benefits

  • Your listing under ‘Resources‘ (only paid members are allowed to list here) – VALUE $68.99
  • Branded posts (twice a year, we write them for you (because you don’t have time for that!)…you approve…we promote through our social media channels) – VALUE $297.00 x 2
  • Access to Monthly themed Masterclasses (topics such as using Facebook Groups, How to sell on Instagram, Building a List, Hiring and Retaining Great Staff, Creating a Community etc.) – VALUE $1700.00
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for members only – VALUE $priceless connections
  • Accountability partner to keep you on track – VALUE $priceless connections
  • Live Q&A’s to answer your questions – VALUE $1200
  • Access to Experts – VALUE $3680.00
  • Annual Giving Progress Report – VALUE $good vibes
  • Bonuses throughout the year – VALUE $priceless
  • Meet-ups – VALUE $priceless
  • and much more…

All this for ONLY $9.99 per month!  Cancel at any time!

Inside the Membership...

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a membership?

Membership is only $9.99 a month!  For the cost of a couple of Starbucks Coffee, you could have full access to tools that could grow your business, build awareness of your service, and give you clarity like never before!

There are so many products out there...what makes this one so different?

Yes, you are correct.  There are thousands of programs, memberships, courses, books, experts, websites and more to listen to…and that is why we are so different.  We clear the clutter and give you CLEAR, ACTIONABLE steps to move you forward.  Why search through all those other products when we focus directly on building your business of serving parents.

We believe and live by our core values: Community, Honesty, Integrity, and Simplicity.

Try us out…you can cancel at any time.  Also…we give you a full money back guarantee in your first month if you don’t feel we are delivering what we promise!

Can I cancel if it is not for me?

Yes, cancel at any time!  Also…we give you a full money back guarantee in your first month if you don’t feel we are delivering what we promise!

Can I pay annually?

Yes, you sure can!  Contact our support team if you wish to pay annually and we will set this up for you!  Contact:

What if I am not on Facebook?

For right now, our Private Group is only on Facebook.  We can revisit this if there are enough people that do not want to connect on Facebook.

How does the Annual Giving Progress Report work?

Once a year we provide all our current active members with an Annual Giving Progress Report.  This report will include all the funds raised throughout the year and where the funds are being used.  To apply to use the funds, see “Culture” for details.

What are the Masterclasses about?

We work with the best experts to create content we know our members want and need….and can implement immediately. From social media to public relations, mindset to marketing, creating connections to improving your copy.   Each month we release a new topic that will include: a Masterclass with the expert, additional downloads if needed, worksheets, Facebook Live Q&A’s, and much more.  We poll our members to find out what they need and then we deliver!  We also take into account what stage you are at…beginner, intermediate, or advanced…and then we tailor the content to your needs at that stage.  It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out in business or if you have been in business for years, there is something for everyone and we guarantee you will learn something new each month that will help move your business forward.

Who is the membership for?

Do you have a program, product, or service that a parent needs?  Are parents your target market (or at least part of it)?  Are you tired of wasting time and money trying to figure out how to reach your market?  Are you a new business or have you been in business for years?  Then this membership is for you.  We focus on the parenting world…and if you do too, this is for you!

Become a Parent Guide Community Member Today!

You will be glad you did!  Gain clarity, access experts and tools that grow your business, collaborate and learn from others, and give back to your community!

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