Birthday gift for the Food Bank!

Our little bean celebrated his first Birthday yesterday! We had a wonderful party this past weekend in honour of Mr. ONE-derful! But we wanted to do something a little different….

Our call out to our family and friends was:
“As we look around our house we have come to realize the abundance of blessings we have. We have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, toys to play with and rather fashionable clothes!
For Presleigh’s first birthday we are hoping to help families that may not be as blessed! Instead of gifts we invite you to bring donations for the London Food Bank. We are collecting baby food, diapers and wipes to donate in honour of Presleigh’s first birthday!
We hope to see you there as we celebrate Mr. One-derful!”

Little did we know we would be able to help out so many families in need! Our family and friends really stepped up to the plate and helped out! Half of the money we had set aside for his birthday was used to purchase a small portion of it (using coupons and sales of course!). The other half went to his RESP to support him in his future journeys!

Thank you to everyone who donated stuff (including coupons!) for Presleigh’s First Birthday! Here is our birthday boy with the load of stuff we will be taking to the food bank! (There are a few items missing from the picture!)

Ps. It really is awesome! We are surrounded by great family and friends who were loving enough to give a gift to others in need
And honestly-he enjoyed playing with the bows, bags, boxes and packages more than he would have ever enjoyed a bunch of toys!


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