Our Core Values



Community is the key to our motivation - to keep doing what we do to support parents - and to make a difference in their lives. We only work with philanthropic organizations that want to give back to their community...and this is why every four months, 100% of their membership fees are distributed throughout the community to families in need.




Transparency is not only valued, it is on our minds in everything we do. We don't shy away from difficult questions and concerns. We are open and direct about how we make our money and where it is going. Our Annual Giving Progress Report is available for ALL current and active members.




What you see online is how we live our lives. We are consistent with our message, with our goals, and with our relationships. We feel that having integrity is a promise to ourselves to live our best life, with conviction, and love, and kindness.




Life is cluttered. When there is less clutter, there is more room for balance and joy. One of our core values is to make life easier for you can focus on what is most important in your life!


Giving Back

No one has got to where they are now without a little help.  Raising kids is expensive and sometimes we need just a little help to get by.  If you know someone that could use a one-time gift, please let us know.

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