Connect and get your kids talking – without asking them questions

get your kids talking

Connect and get the kids to start talking!

Want to know how to connect and get the kids talking?

It is the first day of school here and I tell you…I am more prepared than ever! (Me, overly confident, ready to pull my hair out, scream, and curl up in a ball all at once!)

How am I going to survive another year of “Hey kiddo, how was your day? Tell me everything!” and the only response back are eye rolls and grunts.

Not today kiddo, not today!

Today I am fully prepared to get my kids talking without even asking one question. Want to know my secrets? Here they are, but I have to warn you, you CANNOT use these everyday or the kids will figure out you are up to something. Use each idea sparingly…and then jump for joy when they work (and when the kids cannot see you jumping for joy – this is a sure way for them to retreat back to eye rolling and grunts. Play it cool parents and this just may be the best, most connected, most interactive, most joyful year of your life!  OK, that may be pushing it, but at least you will have a few more tools under your belt to help get AND KEEP your kids talking!

My top tips to get the kids talking – without asking them questions

  1. Get out the new markers and colour together.
  2. Sit beside them when they are playing video games.
  3. Feed them cookies and milk when they come in the door from school.
  4. Tell them something that went really well in your day.
  5. Share a story of when they were young.
  6. Sit down. (this one always works…and really throws them off)
  7. Start telling jokes.
  8. Laugh with your spouse and start telling stories of your day.
  9. Play a board game.
  10. Go outside and play soccer, baseball, basketball…or just go for a walk.
  11. At dinner, start a tradition of naming one thing that went well that day and one thing that didn’t go well. (I always start and tell them how I failed at something that day and what I learned.)
  12. Tuck them into bed every night – no matter how old they are. This has always been when they tell me the most about their day. If they aren’t talking, start reading a book.

Tell me what works for you.

It just may be a new idea that sparks another family to create a deeper connection with their kids and keep their kids talking!

Sending love and strength to you right now if nothing is working. Don’t give up. Our kids have quiet days just like we do. Stay strong and positive and they will talk to you when they feel safe, heard, loved, and ready. And, it just may not be when you are ready, so have patience and keep going! YOU GOT THIS!

Jennifer XOXO



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