Giving to Others- A lesson for our son

Now that motherhood has sunk in and I have seen the world from a different view…. I have opted to try and do something to help others and do what I can.

I have donated many items to families in need, food banks and charities in the past but now I really want to show my son how to pay it forward and do good to others.

I’ve tried to come up with things I can do to help others that does not mean spending all of my money. We are about to go down to one income and it will be a tight budget so I still want to make a difference and help people but I will now lack funds in doing so…

Some of my adventures into helping others:

-I joined a few Facebook mom2mom sites and have given away my un-needed treasures to other families which not only felt great to help families in need it also helped to de-clutter my house!

-I have also given things for free on Kijiji but most of the time I have no idea if the person receiving it is in need or not… but o well!

-I make a point to hold open doors for people- even with a baby and diaper bag in one arm. I feel I still have another arm to use to help others.

-I have given my precious cart quarter away a few times. (I once was at a grocery store with my little guy and I had no change for a cart. I was stuck carrying him and a basket which I ended up filling with heavy things as I needed a lot. I was too ashamed to ask for a quarter from anyone. My arms hurt a lot after that trip! I will say my cashier was kind enough to bag my stuff up and offered to call someone to help me to my car.) My experiences have led me to understand the annoying moment when you realize you do not have a quarter so I am sure to offer a quarter to others when they need it!

-I have talked about it for years and finally followed through with it. Donating my hair. I was blessed with beautiful hair that has grown and grown. I had said 3 years ago that I was going to donate it but was slightly attached to my hair. Now I have no time to brush it and my son enjoys using it as a pull string so… off with my hair! 12 inches later and someone will be getting an awesome wig! (well according to my research it will likely be 1/5 donors in a wig.) And I finally did it!
Before and After! (Horrible mirror self pictures but you get the idea!)

CIMG4513 CIMG4518CIMG4528


12 inches of beautiful hair 🙂
-Purchasing items from companies/people that also do good. Things like charity yard sales (either online or in the neighbourhood) are an awesome way to get things that I need (well… or just want) at a fraction of the cost with my money going to do good for a charity! Charity stores such as Goodwill, Talize, Value Village and Salvation Army are my favourites! Another example would be where I buy my cloth diapers from (also a do good for the environment!). LilHelpers donates 1 cloth diaper for every 3 cloth diapers purchased as part of their baby do good program. Another awesome way to help others!

-We just had our son’s first birthday party and decided to do a twist on the gifts! See that post here!

-Donating blood. This is my next step. I’m not sure that I can (due to slightly low iron) but I am willing to try!

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