Happy Valentines Day!!

This year I decided to get a bit creative and make my own valentines! Took me awhile to figure out what to do and it was a bit more work then ripping them apart and writing names on them… but done and done!

For my daycare boys that love minions and our collection of minion toys I search the thrift stores for minions of their own! This bag is for brothers so there are 2 of each in it and I think I went a bit overboard but they will be super excited!
“You Are One In A Minion!”

For my little guys friends I purchased Wooden Trains in Thomas characters wholesale.
“I Choo-Choo Choose you!”


For the rest of our family and friends our little guy helped package these up- he also sampled a few kisses once he figured out what they were 😉
“Love, Kisses & Valentine Wishes”

Happy Valentines Day! Laura!


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