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In an effort to support the initiative of getting kids cooking and the launch of Ben’s Beginners, a fun challenge that encourages kids to prepare some easy dishes, Spencer Faulkner a beginner Chef and huge fan of Masterchef JR. had the privilege of interviewing Season 2’s winner via telephone.

Logan Guleff started cooking at the age of two, cooking morning coffee, pigs in a blanket and eventually deviled eggs and pasta. Today he enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and
very rarely follows a recipe; he enjoys making his own spice blends and creating new dishes, which can be dangerous. Logan shared that this doesn’t always turn out for the best, he once cooked lemon soda poached eggs that didn’t quiet turn out as expected….yuck! When asked who does all the cooking at home, surprisingly it was still his mom. I guess every good chef needs a break! One of the toughest things Logan has tried to cook is macaroons, not only are they extremely difficult to make but Logan doesn’t really like eating them either so he is not a fan. Want an easy meal to cook in a short period of time, Logan suggested something he has cooked, a pan seared pan fried Salmon with cherry salt and zucchini rolls he swears it’s easier to make then it sounds…..I’ll take his word for it.

Logan was really fun to interview but I couldn’t let him go without asking the one question that I know anyone who has watched Masterchef Jr. wants to know, and the answer may not surprise anyone…”is Gordon Ramsey is as tough as he appears on television”! That said, Logan still picked him as his favorite judge on the show, so he must have a soft spot for us kids.

Looking for some help with your cooking? Logan has launched a website with helpful hints, tips and tricks for beginner chefs, with new tips added each week. It’s a must see for kids looking to expand their skills, while there don’t forget to submit a picture of a meal you cooked for a chance to win an RESP.

By: Spencer Faulkner

Thank you Spencer – we are hoping to read more from you in the future!!! Or maybe we just may see you on the show next season???? Either way, keep on cookin’. Putting in my order for your famous banana bread now!!!




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