My Pregnancy Must Haves

So I was taking a trip down memory lane and remembering the good old days when I was pregnant and loving it. Well…. I loved about 75% of it… and I thought I should share some of the items that were my pregnancy must haves….

1. Maternity photos…

I look back at these pictures and remember the precious little being growing in me, kicking, flipping and hiccuping daily and it amazes me how he started so small and now is huge! It also amazes me how the human body can balloon out that big and kind of get back to it’s original size again. These photos were done by myself and my husband as I hated the idea of paying someone!

mat mat5mat2 mat3

2. Flip flops

Summer is now upon us and I grabbed for my trusty Old Navy flip flops only to realize they were kind of worn out… I wore them so much when I was pregnant because I had such terrible swelling in my feet and ankles. The flip flops were all that fit me!



(Look at those Kankles!)

3. Stretch Mark Cream

Now I would like to think this stuff does wonders… but realistically I ended up with a LOT of stretch marks in my last 4 weeks of pregnancy. (I photo shopped them out  of our maternity pictures…) They kind of just appeared and were and still are not super attractive. My thoughts on the cream- I loved the smell, it was almost soothing to rub it in a few times a day, and I wonder how bad my stretch marks could have been had I not used it… Now to get rid of my stretch marks…


(they got much worse after this picture!)

4. Fetal Heart Monitor

I splurged and picked this bad boy up from Ebay. it was well worth it for this worrying momma. In the early days I was able to use it a few times a day t ease my worries and help me get through the day knowing there was still a heartbeat. I started using mine at about 10 weeks and stopped when I could poke him and he’d move (about 20 weeks). I used the fetal heart monitor with Aloe Vera gel (instead of the medical stuff. We had the Aloe Vera from a previous sunburn) while I laid on the couch, and was able to share the heartbeat and joys with my husband. It brought tears to my eyes daily! Well worth the money! I was even able to pass it on to my sister during her pregnancy and will be getting it back for my next pregnancy for sure!


5. Gummy Prenatal Vitamins

I found these bad boys in the states and have gotten addicted. I still take 2 a day for my daily vitamins and for the yummy gummy taste! They FOR ME were the best because most prenatal vitamins have Iron in them and I did not need any (In the beginning) nor did I want the side effects from it. I also scored 4 bottles of these for 9.99 each!


6. A Fan

I was 9 months pregnant in the summer months… I was not a happy fat woman. The heat was horrible and sleeping beside my husband who is nicknamed “the heater” just made it worse. A fan gave me cool breezes with or without the air conditioner on.

7. Stretchy Jeans!

I enjoyed my comfy jeans with the nice big belly band. I still wear them now. Much nicer on the tummy then the traditional jeans! I bought them used for about 4$ and have more than got my money worth!

8. 3D Ultrasound

I used a coupon to get our so I think I only spent 100$ on it. My husband and I enjoyed being able to see our little guy before he made his debut. I also enjoyed showing off his beautiful face and chubby cheeks to my family and friends. It is almost surreal how great technology is!


9. Naps!

You have no idea how much you will miss these…

10. A great doctor

My family doctor was awesome and I ended up with an awesome OB too. They were humorous and honest and I almost enjoyed going to see them (Minus the annoying wait times).

And Lastly….

11. Going to the bathroom

yes that is right. As I look back I realize how much I enjoyed going to the bathroom while pregnant. Multiple times an hour. But the best part… I was alone! Now a days… not so much. I battle to keep my son contained and safe while I attempt to use the bathroom. Some days I find it easier to hold it and wait till he sleeps or my husband comes home!


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