Family Day Activities

Have you got plans yet for Family Day?
Now is the time to start planning this day or even long weekend.  If you are planning to get away, there are so many great options just around the corner…indoor waterparks, museums, outdoor skating and skiing, or try something new like dog sledding or ice fishing.

For our family we try to do a mix of a few things, and that is why planning ahead is a necessity!  We used to wait until the morning of Family Day and then say, “So, what does everyone feel like doing today?”  This never works as four very different people have four very different ideas of what would make a ‘fun’ day.  So, now that we are a bit older and wiser, we plan our special time together way ahead of time and make sure that everyone is involved and agree to our ‘plan’.  Now, depending on the weather and other uncontrollable circumstances, this ‘plan’ may have to be altered on the day…so you may want to have a couple of back-up options at the ready!

Steps to a fun Family Day!

1.  As parents, set a budget of how much money you can or want to spend for the day.  There are many free Family Day events, so spending a lot of money does not need to be a criteria for a fun day.

2. Depending on the age of your kids, call a family meeting to discuss what the options are for the day.  If you are heading out of the house, do a bit of research ahead of time to provide options to the kids.

3. Make sure that there is something of interest for each family member…don’t just plan an entire day around one activity.

4. Ditch the electronics!  That’s right, no Blackberry, laptop, television or DS games.  Instead, get out the board games and popcorn!

5. Don’t try and ‘do it all’ in one day.  Be realistic with your plan.

6. Keep it easy!  Don’t plan extravagant meals that will take you all day to prepare.

7. Be flexible.  The day may not turn out exactly like you thought it would, so keep an open-mind and be flexible with changes that may have to occur.

8. Consider what a successful Family Day would be for you.  If you find out one new thing about your child or children on that day, wouldn’t that be considered a success?

Whatever you decide to do, remember that this day is all about spending time together, making memories that will last a lifetime!  Share your Family Day Photos with us on Facebook and you could WIN a Gift Certificate to Chapters.
Enjoy your Family Day from all of us at Parent Guide Inc.!

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