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Schools in London, Ontario By Gillian Kriter

“Mom, I want to learn French,” my precocious five year old declared one day after school.

I reverted to my go-to response, “Oh really. Tell me more.”

“Well……so I can learn all the words and trick adults who won’t know what I am saying!”

While certain elements of his reasoning were certainly in question, his initial statement prompted me to research the French Immersion stream available through his current school board. Then the naturally curious Librarian in me wanted to learn more about all available options for elementary and secondary school education in the London Middlesex area, and the learning principles and opportunities they each had to offer.

Please note I cannot claim this list is exhaustive, and apologize if I left any option out and encourage readers to include the school name and website link in the comments section below. The brief bios for each school are taken directly from school websites, therefore I would encourage direct contact with any of the schools listed for the most up-to-date information and registration criteria and schools fees.



E – Elementary School

S – Secondary School


In Ontario, four school systems are publicly funded: the French public system, the French Catholic system, the English public system and the English Catholic system.

English Public School (E/S)

Thames Valley District School Board

“The Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) is one of the largest public school boards in Ontario, serving an area that stretches more than 200 kilometres…We have 160 schools serving approximately 77,000 students in elementary and secondary schools (as of Oct. 31, 2016).” A list of programs found here.

“Thames Valley’s Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts offers an enriched Arts program in dance, drama, visual arts and music. It also offers a complete academic curriculum, consistent with the program offered in all our elementary schools. Students are accepted at Pearson beginning in grade 4. For more information on the school, its curriculum and how to register, visit the Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts.”

“Native language programs are offered at select schools. We recognize the importance of Native languages and the connection these languages have to the preservation of First Nations cultures and how language contributes to a student’s understanding of self and pride.” Learn more here.

“Our French Immersion program gives students the confidence they need to interact and communicate in French. Your child can earn a certificate in French Immersion through our Early French Immersion (begins in SK or grade 1 in most areas) or Extended French Immersion programs (begins in grade 7).” Learn how to register for French Immersion.

Robarts School for the Deaf (Provincial School, E/S)

“Bilingual (American Sign Language/English), bicultural academic education for school-age children who are deaf or hard of hearing.”

Secondary Only: “Our Bealart program offers some of the most unique and specialized secondary school art education in Canada. Students graduate from Bealart with a portfolio and experiences that will help them move forward with a career in the fine arts. A range of programs are available through grades 9-12.” For more information on the program and how to register, visit


English Catholic School (E/S)

London Catholic District School Board

“The London District Catholic School Board seeks to develop in our students a love of God, people and self, an appreciation of prayer and a moral foundation to assist them as they journey through life. Catholic schools provide a complete academic program in an environment that integrates learning, religious instruction, Gospel values, and spiritual formation into all aspects of the curriculum. The schools have strong links to parishes.”

“The London District Catholic school system has 45 elementary and 9 secondary schools providing a full range of education experiences from Junior Kindergarten through to the completion of sec​ondary school. Early French immersion is available in London, St. Thomas, Strathroy and Woodstock.” Enrollment to French immersion is JK or grade 1 with consultation with the principal.

Programs and Services include Specialist High Skills Majors, Music Extension Program, Indigenous Education and more.


French First Language System

French-language education serves students whose parents are “French-language rights-holders”, according to section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Learn more about the requirements and options for English students studying French as a Second Language.

French Public System (E/S)

Conseil scolaire Viamonde (formerly Conseil scolaire de district du Centre Sud-Ouest)

French Catholic System (E/S)

Conseil scolaire catholique Providence

The Providence Catholic School Board serves students spread over an area of ​​more than 28,819 km2 which includes the regions of Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent, Lambton / Sarnia, London-Middlesex-Elgin, Woodstock / Oxford, Huron-Perth and Gray -Bruce. Our vast network of 23 elementary schools and 7 French Catholic secondary schools allow more than 10,000 students to feel part of a large enthusiastic French Catholic school community and to benefit from a first quality education, in a rich, equitable and inclusive learning environment.


Homeschooling (E/S)

According to the Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents website, approximately 1-2% of North American children are home schooled. “There are a number of different approaches that can be taken by homeschooling parents according to their values, beliefs and personal styles and also according to what works for their own individual children.” For more information try the Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations website.


Private Schools (Fees apply for all schools listed below)

Agate Private School (E/S)

“Fostering heuristic and autodidactic education, students run this UnSchool by democratic process.  Unlike the Push systems of education where subject matter is already decided by arbitrary entities, Agate students use a Pull System to reach out to acquire the information they need.  Voluntary attendance, Autonomy in Curriculum design, Self Graduation and Year Round Calendar help remove obstacles to learning.”


Blyth Academy (S)

“Our school has an average class size of seven which allows for our educators to spend significant individualized time with each student while delivering a broad range of courses. When combined with first-class care and great teaching, wonderful things happen, and our students flourish…Our campus offers a comprehensive full-time program, as well as part-time , private, semi-private and summer school classes. Our newest school, Blyth Academy Online, allows high school students across the province to experience the Blyth difference.”


Infinity School: An Acton Academy (E)

Using the Acton Academy model, our students (we call them heroes!) focus on learning to achieve mastery and competency rather than time-based learning to get a passing grade. In a multi-age, one-room schoolhouse environment, we create learning communities where peers help and challenge one another.


London International Academy (S*)

London International Academy is a private, secondary level boarding school that is authorized to grant the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. London International Academy offers an Ontario Secondary School Curriculum from Grades 10 to 12.

London Waldorf School (E)

At London Waldorf School we are committed to ensuring the opportunity of a Waldorf Education for all children in our community – one that takes place in a setting that is both beautiful and nurturing and that celebrates the diversity of its members, thus reflecting the ability of human beings to live with and learn from each other and the natural environment around them.

Matthews Hall Private School (E)

“Through the encouragement of strong basic skills, good work habits, rich and varied activities and total participation, the school nurtures in each student caring actions, optimistic spirit, a sense of personal value and a belief in community. A central belief of Matthews Hall, which guides all planning and activity, is the philosophy of 100% participation and inclusion.”

Montessori Academy of London (E/S)

“Montessori Academy offers something unique in the London area: traditional, accredited Montessori education for toddler, preschool, Elementary and Junior High students. Since 1968, our mission has been to provide a world-class education that promotes academic excellence, and prepares students to engage the world as active citizens and successful leaders.”

Byron & North Woods Montessori School (E*)

“Both Byron Woods and North Woods Montessori School are dedicated to inspiring each student to achieve their academic, physical and social potential in an enriched Montessori environment. We are committed to nurturing the development of each child’s self-esteem and to excite a natural love of learning.” (18 months – grade 3)

Gibbons Park Montessori School (E)

“Gibbons Park Montessori School strives to maintain a secure, comfortable, fully interactive and diverse environment where children are encouraged to learn and grow. We are an educational institution where all areas of your child’s mind, body and spirit will surely flourish and prosper. Our primary goal is to involve the whole child in the learning process so that the acquisition of basic living and learning skills becomes an integral part of the child’s total development.”

Riverbend Academy (E/S)

“Riverbend is a secular school that is dedicated to providing an enriched curriculum for both boys and girls from JK to grade 12 . Riverbend students find their passions and fuel their creativity, curiosity, and thirst for lifelong learning. We teach an enriched version of the Ontario Curriculum focused on creativity, independence, and leadership featuring the Ultimate Skills Success Program.”

The London School (E*/S)

We recognize that today’s learners must be capable of independent, flexible thinking in times of continuous change. To this end the school has developed a unique approach to multidisciplinary learning, which we believe is the blueprint for the future of education. Small class sizes are key, with courses taught by subject specialists. Our classes and enrichment programs are based on the Trillium Teaching™ model of curriculum delivery. This authentic learning experience enlivens the curriculum and maximizes student engagement.



Christian Private Schools

Adventist Christian Elementary School (E)

“We are a Seventh-day Adventist elementary school in London.”

Covenant Christian School

“The basis of this education and instruction is the infallible Word of God as confessed in Three Forms of Unity; namely the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confessions, and the Canons of Dort.”

London Christian Academy (E)

The “London Christian Academy (LCA) is an interdenominational, Christian elementary school providing affordable education from a distinctly Christian perspective to students in Junior Kindergarten through to Grade 8.”

London Christian Elementary School (E)

“London Christian Elementary School is an interdenominational Christian School established for parents seeking to provide their children with a Christ-centred elementary education…The Christian school curriculum is developed and organized so that children may come to know God more deeply and richly and live for him for faithfully.”

London Christian High (S)

“A place where students are seen, known, and loved. A safe, private Christian high school.”

Victory Christian Academy (E/S)

“The mission of Victory Christian is to partner with parents and the local church to provide the highest quality Christian education to prepare students to deal with the issues and realities of life by developing their spiritual, academic, social, and physical potential, all from the foundation of biblical truth.”


Religious Private Schools

Al-Taqwa Islamic School (E)

“Al-Taqwa Islamic Schools provide comprehensive academic environments that nourish every child’s unique needs. In addition, an Ontario certified curriculum with Islamic Education courses adds an element of faith and community studies.”

Al-Taqwa Secondary School (S)

“Al-Taqwa Islamic Schools provide comprehensive academic environments that nourish every child’s unique needs. In addition, an Ontario certified curriculum with Islamic Education courses adds an element of faith and community studies.”

London Community Hebrew Day School (E)

“London Community Hebrew Day School provides affordable excellence in General and Jewish education to the entire London Jewish community. Our students come from families affiliated with London’s Conservative, Orthodox, and Reform congregations, as well as from families with no formal affiliation.”

London Islamic School (E)

“Provides an Islamic learning environment with a commitment of using modern day teaching pedagogy to cultivate an advanced and comprehensive academic program; fully compliant with the Ontario curriculum of studies.”

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