Simplify – 38 Things I’ve learned from Simplifying


Simplify: By Jillian Burkhardt, Simplistic Happiness 

I recently celebrated my 38th birthday.

So in honour of another great year, I thought i’d share 38 things I’ve learned from Simplifying many different areas of my home and life.

It’s an ongoing process and I still have lots to learn. However, I can say that simplifying can create space, reduce stress and bring happiness to your life. Hope you find some inspiration in some of the following 38 things. Enjoy!

1. More “stuff” doesn’t make me happier.
2. I don’t need 6 spatulas; 2 work just fine.


3. I enjoy traveling with just a carry-on.
4. A weeks worth of underwear is more than sufficient.
5. Buying more bins does not solve a clutter problem…DECLUTTERING solves a clutter problem.
6. I love a clean vehicle.
7. Taking hotel shampoos home is no longer appealing.


8. It felt good to donate my wedding dress.
9. Hand soap is all I need on my bathroom counter.
10. Mornings go so much smoother when the kitchen is tidied up the night before.
11. QUALITY over Quantity
12. I don’t need to keep things “JUST IN CASE”.
13. It’s okay to say no to hand-me-downs when you already have enough kid clothes.
14. Making children’s closets “KID FRIENDLY” (everything reachable) helps them to be more INDEPENDENT.
15. I love having less clothes in my closet (Thank you CAPSULE WARDROBE).
16. We no longer need two dressers in our bedroom because all of our clothes fit in our closet.

Plan Meals Ahead

17. I eat better the weeks we do FOOD PREP on the weekend.
18. It’s nice to have less on my kitchen counters.

Clothes, clothes, and more clothes

19. Stylish, comfortable track pants do exist (they even have zippers)!
20. I don’t enjoy going to the mall anymore.
21. I want my kids to appreciate EXPERIENCES OVER THINGS as Gifts.
22. Clutter is Distracting.
23. Sometimes all you need is a little time to pass before you’re ready to part with something.
24. Empty drawers are a good problem to have.
25. If an adult sized onesie makes you happy, warm and cozy – it’s an all around win!
26. It feels good to DONATE something you don’t use so someone else can benefit from it.

The Car (with kids)

27. ONE VEHICLE is all our family needs.
28. Dirty dishes in the sink are a magnet for more dirty dishes.
29. It’s tough to teach kids about the value of $$ but we’re working on it.
30. The digital clutter is something I am trying to do a better job of managing.
31. Having a healthy snack ready for our kids to eat after school is super helpful!

Small Changes

32. SMALL CHANGES can have a BIG IMPACT over time.
33. I’m continually learning how to simplify my life. It’s an ONGOING JOURNEY.
34. It’s satisfying to be able to see all of the food in your fridge and as a result, you waste less food.
35. A decluttered home is quicker to clean
36. Clutter doesn’t only take up physical space, it takes up mental and emotional space too.

Be Grateful

37. There is so much to be GRATEFUL for.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. What are some of the things you’ve learned through creating more simplicity in your life? Share your comments by clicking the link below!

Have a wonderful week!