Sneaky Summer Science Fun


Summer is well under way and I plan on making the most of each day!  To the kids, making the most of each day is playing, swimming, hanging out with friends, making big messes, tormenting your siblings etc!  I like that too (except the last two items:), but I have a bit of a brainy plan for the kids…and they will never even know they are learning.

With the girls, they always loved playing school in the summer, so learning a little extra math or spelling was not a problem, but now with the boys, we have to sneak up on learning and make it more fun (and not anything like school!)

I found some great websites that have simple science experiments for the kids.  They look like so much fun and, well, if they learn something along the way, great!

Here is one that we have had to make twice because the kids love it so much.  We have decided to change the ratios each time to observe the different reactions.   I tried to introduce booklets to jot down our observations, but that was a bit too much like homework and they didn’t like the sound of that!  Baby steps!

Let me know if you come across any great sites with ways to get your kids to learn their times tables!!!

Until next time!

Jennifer 🙂

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