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The Laptop Lifestyle

Before my family and I became digital nomads and started living the “laptop lifestyle”, and long before crowning myself the Unstoppable Momma, I grew up like most Americans…

I was taught that our country (USA) was the greatest place on Earth, and if I stayed in school, got good grades, and kept out of trouble, I’d get into a great college, and eventually land a high-paying job in the field of my choice.

For the most part I followed this idea to the letter, and with hard work, dedication, and a ton of sleepless nights, I was fortunate enough to graduate from Northwood University in Midland Michigan with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

But just having a degree to hang on the wall wasn’t enough… I wanted more.

So instead of taking it easy, I dove head first into the corporate world, and got a job as a pharmaceutical executive.

Eventually I met my amazing husband Brian who was a robotics engineer at the time, and soon after, I became pregnant with our beautiful baby girl, Hanalei!

the unstoppable family

Things were going great!

It was at this point that you could officially say that I had achieved what is commonly referred to as the American Dream.

We had a beautiful home, drove the best cars, and had lots of money coming in from our jobs as well as our real estate business.

Everything seemed perfect, that is… until the housing crisis hit.

The housing crisis

You see, 3 years after starting our business and quitting our jobs that I mentioned earlier, we lost everything in a bad real estate investment.

And I do mean EVERYTHING!

We went from making a whopping $50k+ per month, to nothing almost overnight.

To sum it all up, we lost over A MILLION in cash, 3 luxury cars, a 1.7 million dollar home, and a ton of other things I can’t really mention.

At one point, we couldn’t even afford SKYPE credits to take new business calls!

Then, as the smoke began to clear, one of the greatest gifts we could ever received was placed into my arms.

Getting clear on what matters

Our brand new baby girl, Hanalei, was born into the world…


Although during this time, our stress levels were at an all-time high, Hanalei really became the catalyst for change our lives.

You see, when she was born, a fire was lit inside of me like never before.

I decided from the moment I looked into her eyes, to live life on my own terms, and to NEVER put my child in daycare.

The thought of working 10 plus hours a day, and leaving my kid to be raised by total strangers was unacceptable to me.

I know sending to children to daycare is a “normal” thing to do for most people, but something inside me, kept saying no.

So rather than sitting around and hoping for a miracle, I decided to put my business degree and sales skills to good use, hop back in the saddle, and start rebuilding our lives.

Making a change

But this time, we were leaving real estate behind completely, and forging a new path in the developing world of internet marketing.

Before I actually started making money, I did an insane amount of research to the point that it felt like I was going back to school, and studying to get my Masters, haha.

I even got myself a mentor that helped guide me to launching my first successful program on brand building.

That was the first time I was able to make a significant amount of cash online.

laptop lifesyleEventually, I went on to generate $36K in revenue in my first 90 days, and retired myself and my husband in the first year from both of our multi-six figure positions!

Looking back, I wouldn’t change any of what we went through to get to where we are now.

The experience of losing everything but the shirts on our backs showed us that were capable of surviving anything.

It also taught us how to be resilient, and most of all, it pushed us to take risks that most people would call us crazy for doing.

Especially with a newborn attached to my hip!

…Just to give you an idea of how different the landscape was back then, there was no facebook and instagram, and there wasn’t even a myspace.

In 2004, social media wasn’t all the rage that it is today, and blogging was the biggest opportunity that everyone was chasing at the time.

Come to think of it, smart phones didn’t even exist when we first got into online business.

Nowadays it’s amazing to see how technology has become part of our everyday lives.

Digital Ecomony

And the new digital economy has skyrocketed to levels we never thought possible.

Now there’s an insane amount of training available online for people who want to start their own home-based business for much less than it cost to get even a community college education.

I myself have a few courses on how to develop SEXY brands, and how to start an online business from scratch in just 30 days.

living life on our termsBut again, 13 years ago, the thought of perpetual travel with a child in tow was completely unheard of in the mainstream, and nothing short of insanity to most of our family in friends.

The resistance

It may be hard to realize as a fan or one of our Freedom-preneur Tribe members, but people haven’t always agreed with our lifestyle.

When Brian and I first started traveling full-time with Hanalei, we were met with major resistance.

…People literally called us crazy for choosing this lifestyle.

They said we were horrible parents who were harming our daughter and stopping her development because we did the complete opposite of 99% of the population.

We even lost a few “friends” because of our choice to raise Hanalei abroad.

Did it hurt to get so much backlash and hate from the people we loved?

Of course… but I felt in my heart, that there was something much greater at stake than getting everyone’s approval.

Living life on our terms

I wanted us to live life on our own terms, without the need to be shackled to a corporation that basically owned you until vacation time.

I also wanted to give my daughter the chance to see the beauty of our world first-hand, and experience different cultures and the people that created them, up close and personal… rather than read a few outdated, and inaccurate book chapters in an overcrowded classroom.

Fast-forward to present day, and I’m still traveling & living an UNSTOPPABLE life with my husband and daughter.

Build the life you want to live

We continue fly around the world at our leisure, meeting new people, making new friends, and connecting with old ones.

Brian and I still host marketing retreats for business owners twice a year, one being held in gorgeous Bali Indonesia, and the other in sunny Orlando Florida,USA.

fashion designerAnd surprisingly, our daughter, the one who people said would the worst affected by travel and our uncommon way of life, is an internationally known, PAID SPEAKER and fashion designer.

That’s right… our 12 year old has become one of the youngest speakers, and business owners in the world, and has graciously taken the title of The Unstoppable Kid!

Looking at how much she’s progressed in such a short time, reaffirms to me the decision I made over a decade ago.

international speakerIt may sound backwards, however I agree with everyone in my past.

Choosing to bounce across the globe with a baby IS a “crazy” idea.

But had I listened to all the haters and naysayers, I would have went back to climbing the corporate ladder right now.

But if you take a look at my family’s instagram and facebook profiles, all the fun and life-changing experiences we have doesn’t look so insane after all.

I’m willing to bet that from the outside looking in, as you’re stuck at a job you hate, and being forced to deal with negative co-workers, managers, and toxic friends, there’s a big part of you that wants to get up, give everyone a piece of your mind, and run to the nearest airport to come join in the fun.

To that I say, you’re not alone…

The only difference between our lives and yours is the undeniable fact that I made a choice to go after a BIG, scary, and seemingly unattainable goal, that the majority of my peers said was impossible to achieve.

After that choice was made, I laser focused on turning it from a nice daydream, into a VERY REAL, physical reality.

Yes, mistakes were made along the way that put my values, skills, and relationships to the test, but when a greater cause is at stake, you can either throw in the towel and call it a day, or make changes to the plan, correct your course, and move forward towards the end-goal.

unstoppable surfer and mommaUsing this simple approach not only works for big goals, but small ones as well.

What most people don’t understand is a major life goal, is only a collection of smaller goals that must be achieved over a period of time.

Goals and how to reach them

If you can break up your dreams into little bite-sized chunks it makes it MUCH EASIER to get what you want!

Combine that with being comfortable living your truth, and having a purpose that perfectly aligns with your core values, and the chances of becoming a success will go through the roof.

…This is a big part of why my family has been able to achieve so much in a relatively short amount of time.

So, now that you’ve learned about my background, and discovered what it took to catapult myself and my family’s lives into a whole new direction, what am I up to now?

Well, I’m still teaching entrepreneurs how to turn their passions into profit online through my courses and coaching programs, and we’re still getting booked for speaking engagements in multiple countries.

The SwansI also founded The Unstoppable Branding Agency to help established business owners develop and launch their brands online, build massive followings using social media marketing, and position them as the leaders and authority figures in their chosen markets.

We have a highly skilled & talented remote team spread out across North America, Southeast Asia, and Australia, that’s dedicated to producing high-quality business assets, and masters at their respective crafts.

And as much credit as I can take for being the founder and figure-head of the organization, my team is a reflection of me, and they play a big role in making each project a success.

So if you’re a mom, and want more for yourself and your children, I strongly encourage you to dig deep, and ask yourself this question:

If everything were PERFECT, and absolutely nothing could go wrong in your life… what would you be doing?

No matter how “silly” or “different” it may be, this is YOUR LIFE, and what other people think or have to say about it isn’t your problem.

Your vision for YOUR life is your own business… and no matter what someone else’s opinion is, they should never have the power to dictate the path you choose to take.

Rhonda SwanThank you so much for taking the time to read this article.

It means the world to me to be able to share my trials and triumphs with you.

My hope is that you’re inspired to do more, and to be more than what society says you should be.

Thanks again for reading, and from now on, every day you wake up to the time you lay down for bed at night…


-Rhonda Swan

You can find Rhonda and her family at

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