This Home Daycare Mom’s Favorite Playdoh!

Playdoh… A dough like substance for playing with….
The upside: Playdoh I find to be therapeutic. Squish it, mold it, shape it, cut it, roll it… it works out a lot of developing hand muscles for my little guys and keeps them busy for a while. I add non-toxic scents to mine adding another sensory experience to make it even better.
The downside: it will end up everywhere. It travels from socks to carpets, on hands to the cat’s back, and likely even ends up getting wiped on me at some point. The clean up is not so much fun but the learning and experience is!

My favourite go to, used it for years and still love it, lasts forever, best playdoh ever recipe:
2 cups of flour (use regular white. Whole what flour makes chunky crumbly playdoh)
1 cup of Salt
2 cups of water
4 Tablespoons of vegetable oil
2 teaspoons of Alum (can be found in the spice section. It’s white kind of looks like salt and generally used with canning)
5-10 drops of food colouring
5 drops of the scent of your choice

I know what you are thinking… what are the scents? I use regular vanilla extract, or peppermint oil but I have also acquired a stash of candy flavourings from our local bulk food store. They range in scents/flavours and prices I have found them for 1-3$. (Try peppermint with green food colouring, cinnamon with red food colouring, banana with yellow food colouring… you get the idea.)

In a pot on the stove top mix the water, oil, alum, food colouring and scent. Turn on the stove to medium. Add the flour and start mixing and stirring constantly! (If your do

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not mix constantly you will end up with over cooked pieces. Turn off the stove when your playdoh has reached playdoh consistency and roll it out on a cutting board of place mat to cool. (It will go from goo to mashed potato consistency and then dough like consistency pretty quickly!)
Kneed it a bit to make sure there are no hot spots and then let the kids go nuts. Today we have the traditional playdoh toys- scissors, cookie cutters, letter stamps, presses, rollers…..
(I used pink food colouring with raspberry scent… mmm… good enough to eat but definitely not tasty…)

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