Understanding Quality Child Care

The research on brain development shows that positive experiences before 5 years of age make a difference in children’s future success in school, in the workplace and in having a healthy life.

Research confirms that knowledgeable, nurturing, educated staff are the key to quality Child Care.

  • Licensed Child Care programs are staffed by Early Childhood Educators who are professionally trained in early years and child development
  • Must be a registered member of the College of ECE’s
  • Licensed Child Care programs are regulated by the Province
  • All staff working in licensed Child Care programs have completed a police check and are First Aid & CPR trained

Small class size supports individualized teacher attention and care; an essential ingredient to quality care:

Licensed Child Care Centers have:

  • one teacher for every 3 infants
  • one teacher for every 5 toddlers
  • one teacher for every 8 preschoolers

Open Monday through Friday all year except statutory holidays

Licensed Nursery Schools have:

  • one teacher for every 5 toddlers
  • one teacher for every 8 preschoolers

Days per week vary according to the community needs and follows the school calendar

Licensed Home Child Care

  • The maximum number of children in Home Based Child Care is 5
  • The ages of children in Licensed Home Child Care are:
  • No more than 2 children under 2 years of age, or three children under 3 years of age up to a total of 5 children under 6 years of age. The Child Care providers own children are counted in their child care group.


Make a Quality Child Care Choice for your Child.
The Benefits will last a Lifetime!

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